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Spring Independent School District is moving Career and Technical Education into the new millennium with the opportunities provided at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School, a Career Academy in Spring ISD. Students choosing to attend the Academy will have opportunities to enhance academic and career success through participation in workplace learning activities, internships, mentorships, and/or cooperative learning programs. Students will also be able to earn college articulated credit, therefore getting a head start on their post-secondary education. We are breaking the mold here at the Academy, and we invite you to have a look.

Visit the Video Page for information on Texas House Bill 5

Texas House Bill 5 (HB 5) was passed by the 83rd Legislature and signed by the governor in June 2013. Since then school districts across the state have been involved in the implementation process. The new law impacts several areas, including assessments, graduation requirements and accountability.

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The Harris County Fire Marshal's Office Helps
Wunsche Forensic Science Students Investigate Career Pathways

Spring ISD Announces Instructional Make-up Days for Students
due to School Closings

HOUSTON - Feb. 4, 2014 - Spring ISD Interim Superintendent Dr. Dalane Bouillion announced instructional make-up days for students due to the school closings that occurred Jan. 24 and 28 due to inclement weather. The days are Monday, Feb. 17 and Wednesday, June 4. These days are designated on the 2013-14 school calendar to be used as make-up days if needed. The state requires that students and staff meet the mandatory number of instructional days in a school year. Additional decisions regarding employee work days will be communicated based on contractual needs.

Current Wunsche Students:  Course Selection for 2014/2015


Wunsche Art Student Wins Scholastic Gold Key

Sofia Puey, a student at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School, won two Gold Key awards: one for a drawing titled “Simply Not There” and one for a drawing titled “Same.” Because her drawings earned Gold Key awards, Puey will advance to the national level of judging in New York City. Winners at the national level are invited to receive awards and scholarships at Carnegie Hall, where they also gain the opportunity to participate in artist workshops.

Spring ISD Semester Grade Calculations Clarified

HOUSTON - Jan. 6, 2014 - This school year, Spring ISD returned to using semester grade calculations for courses at all high schools and middle schools.

"With the first semester ending Jan. 17, we wanted to make sure parents clearly understand how their students' semester grades have been calculated," said Teresa Dossman, Spring ISD executive director of curriculum design.

Semester exams are optional for any high school credit class, as it was prior to the 2012-13 school year. If a semester exam is given, it will be worth 15 percent of the semester grade. If a semester exam is not given, the value of the three six-week grades will be used to average the semester grade.

This information has been updated in the Spring ISD Program of Studies, which is always available online at www.springisd.org/programofstudies.

Understanding Your PSAT Scores
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Spring ISD Academic Performance Reports
The Texas Academic Performance Reports (TAPR); formerly the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) have been published by Texas Education Agency.
The Spring ISD TAPR can be found at

The Senior Internship Coordinators at CWHS have started a Twitter account to keep all students, alumni, and parents informed about current events pertaining to CWHS.  Please follow us via your personal device on Twitter at #cwhsinterns for updates on what's new!
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CWHS - 7:05 am
SHS - 7:15 am
WHS - 7:15 am
DHS - 7:15 am

(Bring Your Own Device)
We believe that providing access for personal electronic devices will enhance the educational experience for our students. Students may access the SpringISD network with any mobile device.


Wunsche 2013-2014 Flex Schedule

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CWHS Executive Student Leadership Board 2013-2014

President - Akshay Shah
VP of Finance - Sade Hill
VP of Academy Awards - Debbie Benavides
VP of Public Relations - Marshel Reed
VP of Campus Relations - Theresa Huynh

Dedicated Service Graduate Program FAQ (DSGP)
Instilled with an interest in volunteerism, it is our goal that Spring ISD students serve in their community while in school and throughout their lives. This involvement will positively impact our communities and citizens as we believe volunteerism equals success! Please click here to learn more about Spring ISD's Dedicated Service Graduate Program.

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